10 Unusual RePurposed Items that are also Useful

It’s hard finding things to blog about that are repurposing-related.  I want to find ideas that are truly USEFUL to you or your home, and not just some art stuck on the wall (which, yes, has a purpose…but you know what I mean).  Second, I am looking for projects or … Continue reading

Upcycling for the Non-Crafter

I often hear “I don’t have a creative bone in my body” or “My brain just doesn’t think that way”.  Oh yes you do and yes it does.  You’re just tackling the wrong projects that inhibit rather than unleash your potential.  You are not a non-crafter! No? Ok.  Well, here … Continue reading

Upcycled Baby: Repurposed Wool Items for Baby with Links

recycled cashmere baby hat

Many people think wool and young skin don’t mix.  Wool is scratchy, right?  Not always.  I’ll tell you what to look for so that you don’t have an unhappy kiddo on a cold day.  All skin, young and old, benefits from a bit of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise in … Continue reading

Jenny Lind Crib Pieces – Now What?

I love repurposed stuff.  I’m always clicking the ‘like’ or ‘love’ buttons in FB or Pinterest when I see  genius uses of old stuff that would otherwise wind up in the trash.  No surprise then when I brought home the two short end pieces of a Jenny Lind style crib. … Continue reading

Spiral Tomato Cage aka The Tomato Ring

As I’ve stated before, in the summer I am first and foremost a gardener.  One of my dilemmas every couple of years is to find a better way to stake tomatoes.  Those typical conical type tomato cages don’t  hold up very long, nor do they hold heavy plants very well. … Continue reading

Rainy Day Fun; RePurposing your Cardboard Boxes with the Makedo Kit

A rainy day over summer break can be tough. I cringe whenever I hear the rain on the roof, because I know soon to follow is “Mom, I’m bored”. This is the point where my son starts pulling out all the cardboard boxes wanting to build something. Along with that, … Continue reading

What Other Repurposed Materials Can I Use? Quick!

A few weeks ago, I blogged about being a gardener and how that, in of itself, is to be a repurposer. (Is that a word? Well, in my vocabulary it is.  Definition: one who uses repurposed materials.)  I didn’t count on something though…mother nature. Sounds strange, right? A gardener not … Continue reading

Vintage Sewing Machine Guru, Bob Arbuckle of the Railroad Place

My favorite business that sells sewing machines is not one of the big chains. It is a locally owned business, named Arbuckle’s, also known as The Railroad Place. The building is like an old railroad depot and even has a caboose out front. The man who opened and continues to … Continue reading

Gardener as Repurposer?

She says with a cartoonish imaginary light bulb over her head: “I didn’t know just how much of a repurposer I’ve always been!” I always thought of myself as a gardener first, but now that I think of it, gardening and upcycling go hand in hand.  Huh. Who knew? Composting: … Continue reading

Repurpose with a Purpose

I like to repurpose with, well, a purpose.  I once heard of a woman who made art with laundry lint.  That definitely gets marks for originality and using something that would normally get tossed, but…then what? I suppose it gets hung on a wall.  Art is an amazing human construct, … Continue reading