Gallery of Projects

Some of these items are not for sale because they have already found a home.  However, this gallery gives you an idea of what kinds of things I can create.  Since a ReWoolables item is made from a felted wool sweater, no two pieces are exactly alike.  Once I use the sweater, it’s used!  So my inventory contains only a few items in each category.  Check my Etsy shop to see what is available.

Purses and Totes




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  1. Barbara Cater says:

    We just celebrated a late Christmas with my brother & his family yesterday. It’s getting harder and harder to get everyone legistically (sp.) to be in town and free on the same day . Good part was we were all rested and relaxed with no one in a hurry to move on to the next venue so a double-good time was had be all.
    Enough of that! My sister-in-law gave me on one of your “sweater bags” as my gift and I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT ! It’s absolutely the best. I love wool and natural fiber.
    Did lots of craft and clothes sewing , curtains and decorating when I was younger and know the time and talent it takes. Just wanted you to know how much it is appreciated.
    Do you have a retail store or just on line. I would love to introduce your ‘wears’ to more friends.
    Was in Louisville at the Stewart show over the New Year weekend and saw a booth
    with some similar items but was unable to investigate. Perhaps you do shows.

    Excited new admirer,
    63 year old Nana

    • plunkett says:

      Thank you Nana!!! You made my day!
      You can see my stuff on Look up ReWoolables. I do not have a retail shop and can’t keep things ‘in stock’ since once I use a sweater, it’s gone. Unless I have another identical sweater, each piece I make is unique. Happy New Year!


  2. Angie says:

    Hi! I love your stuff! I had seen in another comment that you sell your stuff in a local shop in Noblesville. I would like to check it out, we live in Fishers, can you tell me what shop you sell at?

    • plunkett says:

      Hi! Thanks for your kind words. The lady who owned that shop has since moved to Ohio, taking my items with her. I have an Etsy shop where you can see my current inventory. Search under shops and type in ReWoolables, or use the link from this site. I live in Noblesville, so I’d be happy to deliver the items and you can certainly purchase directly from me so that we don’t have to pay Etsy, the post office, PayPal, etc…

      Thanks for considering me!

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