Rainy Day Fun; RePurposing your Cardboard Boxes with the Makedo Kit

A rainy day over summer break can be tough. I cringe whenever I hear the rain on the roof, because I know soon to follow is “Mom, I’m bored”. This is the point where my son starts pulling out all the cardboard boxes wanting to build something. Along with that, he pulls out the tape, the glue, and proceeds to make a big mess. Then he’s frustrated because he can’t figure out how to put the pieces together to match his vision. Tears follow.

Makedo Kit for 1

Makedo Kit for 1

Imagine my glee when I found this kit, the Makedo. It has all sorts of pieces allowing the creator to attach cardboard pieces together so that they move, like hinges, clips, and a ‘safe saw’. The saw makes for worry-free cutting.  The pieces are all re-usable too.

I have to admit we haven’t played much with it yet. I was hoping I could just give it to my son and and say “Invent”! He needed a little guidance and I was trying to accomplish something at the time. We will try again, this time together. I think we will check the website first, before we start cutting, because the website gives several pictures for inspiration.

Now for the downside – it was a bit pricey for what you get.  Many of the pieces could probably be found in an office store for a lot less.  (However, on second thought, I doubt these office supplies would be big enough for little fingers, brightly colored, and plastic.)  And, depending on the age and maturity of your child, it is may not be immediately user friendly.  A little guidance and demonstration is necessary.

So, if any of you have played with this kit and have stories or ideas to share, please do so!


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