Repurpose with a Purpose

I like to repurpose with, well, a purpose.  I once heard of a woman who made art with laundry lint.  That definitely gets marks for originality and using something that would normally get tossed, but…then what? I suppose it gets hung on a wall.  Art is an amazing human construct, don’t get me wrong. Call me practical; I want my items to be used, needed, to be a  solution to a problem.

Art by Heidi Hooper,, made with laundry lint

However, not all things practical need be boring to look at.  We (Americans especially) love to have stuff and it clutters our homes.  My thinking is to only surround yourself with things that meet the following criteria:  a) it is useful; b) you truly find it pleasant to see every day; c) it’s not difficult to clean.  Just think how free our garages, basements, attics, shelves, floor space, our entire homes would be if we followed those rules!  Having said that, I’ve got lots of stuff to put in a garage sale this spring.

This thought of “RePurpose with a Purpose” lead me to another action: an improvement on a design I stumbled across.  It is a little bin to put all sorts of needful things in, made from the back pockets of denim jeans.  I saw this at a flea market, but the raw edges were not covered along with some other minor imperfections.  I purchased it, took it home, and studied it.  Then I made two, hiding a raw edge with decorative ribbon.  Of course, I gave them away as impromptu Christmas gifts before I thought to take a photo. <sigh>

I think it could hold pens, pencils, scissors.  I gave one to a friend and she is stashing her knitting needles and hooks. I use mine for my sewing notions that I frequently need.  It sits right next to my machine. It, however, is the original. In the middle of the joined pockets is a large space.  In this center I place a little square plastic container or a wide but short glass jar.  It adds one more storage spot and helps the surrounding jean pockets stand.

jean pocket cady

top view of jean pocket cady

Now imagine a wall hanging or something that hangs on the back of a door, like one of those shoe pocket things.  Only it is made entirely from jean pockets!  Oooo….I could make a single column for someone short on wall space, like in a dorm room.  What do you think of these ideas?

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  1. tina sams says:

    Oh yeah! And you could sew the pockets on to the the front of another pair of jeans! A smallish pair so the pockets can have some give. And some of the pockets could be embroidered or needle-felted for that hippie look 🙂

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