ReWoolables’ Flock

These are business that I admire, patron, or chat with.  Check them out!  Support the small business owner. I garden, specifically with herbs.  This is a GREAT resource of information and experience.  Download a free copy of their magazine.  You won’t be disappointed. She hand dyes her wool with herbs from her garden. I’ve purchased from her and really enjoy the colors of her yarn. She also has an herb shop: Living history museum in Fishers, near my home.  I volunteer in the gardens there.  Aside from my home, it is my haven. Hand made, all natural herbal products. : An organization that raises money to help community projects, charities, and anything that promotes the well-being of our community (the local and global).  Check out their cool t-shirts and know that you are helping others in need. Urban Farmer Seeds in Westfield, Indiana.  Heirloom and GMO-free seeds packaged in magazine pages, donated by the local library.  Recycle! : A nifty old red barn full of upcycled, repurposed, recycled handmade goodies!  Located just outside of South Haven, Michigan – which is on the lake.  So…for a rainy day on your vacation, be sure to stop by.  : American Wildwood Gallery located in Rushville, Indiana.  Strictly American and handmade items.  Open during fall and winter seasons – perfect for Christmas shopping. : Casey’s Dry Goods at Constantine’s Nursery in Richfield, OH.  This shop has an old-time general store feel to it.  The owner spends a few weeks in the off season traveling and shopping for unique items.





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