10 Unusual RePurposed Items that are also Useful

It’s hard finding things to blog about that are repurposing-related.  I want to find ideas that are truly USEFUL to you or your home, and not just some art stuck on the wall (which, yes, has a purpose…but you know what I mean).  Second, I am looking for projects or … Continue reading

Spiral Tomato Cage aka The Tomato Ring

As I’ve stated before, in the summer I am first and foremost a gardener.  One of my dilemmas every couple of years is to find a better way to stake tomatoes.  Those typical conical type tomato cages don’t  hold up very long, nor do they hold heavy plants very well. … Continue reading

What Other Repurposed Materials Can I Use? Quick!

A few weeks ago, I blogged about being a gardener and how that, in of itself, is to be a repurposer. (Is that a word? Well, in my vocabulary it is.  Definition: one who uses repurposed materials.)  I didn’t count on something though…mother nature. Sounds strange, right? A gardener not … Continue reading